"Sweep line" or "Bend" on thin plane, segmented object

Tell me again how to bend a relatively thin, plane-like shape into an "S" shape.

I can't say that "Sweep Line" doesn't produce fantastic and interesting shapes (because it does!) but once again I'm baffled as to why a particular facet seems to extrude, seeming at random? I mean, why is that particular facet chosen? sad

I forgot to try the "Bend" tool.

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  • Catherine3678abCatherine3678ab Posts: 8,041

    I find it easier to draw the mesh up from the line.

  • Johnny Bravo did a video tutorial on ways to bend things in Hexagon - 


    The "S" shape, you might be better off starting with a circle and cut & paste it in half, move the bottom half over and snap it into position then weld both piece back together again, rotate. 

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,840

    Have a line, have the object.

    Have the object selected, click Bend, click on the line

  • Very nicely done Ascania.

  • Roman_K2Roman_K2 Posts: 1,209

    1.) Bingo!  Thanks.

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    2.) I tend to forget the protocols around various functions - if I go away from something and come back, er, months or years later it's all a mystery.  As in, I have have previously been aware of Bend being the way to go.

    Another thing that happened was... I may have read Ascania's message on my cell phone... spotty coverage on my private island and I'm easily distracted. I don't think I saw the ZIP file until just now!!! surprise

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  • No private island, I'm just old and forgetful :)

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    Last I checked there were some choice properties available in the Outer Hebrides, no? <DUCKS> indecision </DUCKS>

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