How to Convert different poses from different Generations?

Thats not a tutorial, just a question.
I saw that most people do convert the older poses to newer Gen figures and mostly using a script for DS to get that.

So i was wondering if there is a way to manually modefy the posing file to leta G2 posing file work for V4.
I was testing out opening a posing file with Notepad++ and i could open a posing file for Josie which got about 4000+ lines.
Than i was trying to open a posing file for Stephanie 5 (or 6? not sure) but it's all encrypted, most of the G2 and G1 files seem to be encrypted, so i can not do much when i just open them with notepad++ but some G1 files do still work.
Genesis 8 files seem to be normal, so that i could modify these files.

Does anybody have any experience with that to point me in the direction what i need to change in the files to make them work? Or is/would it just be easier to open a dummy figure next to the main figure with the posing and than just copy the pose manually?


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    the only way I know from Carrara is using Fenric's pz2/bvh exporter but a bit complicated as genesis cannot save as pz2 so you still need to find a way to apply the bvh

    in DAZ studio saving in Poser format can work

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    probably way too much work, and relies on DS, but, there are a few G2 to V4 pose converters (e.g. cridgit's,  now at rendo, and maybe draagonstorm's here at DAZ?) that can be used to do that sort of conversion, then use Wendy's export advice, or save the resulting V4 pose as a duf (?) and import into your  Carrara V4?



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    The files are not encrypted, they are compressed. You can open them in 7-zip and use Notepad++ as the editor for 7-Zip.

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