Ferret textures for AM Weasel WIP


I'm starting with a standard ferret. It's a bit hard to find pictures of all parts, so please let me know where I mess up.


  • Got the basic colors (if not the correct shades) roughed in.


    ferret wip1.png
    924 x 924 - 575K
    ferret wip2.png
    924 x 924 - 724K
  • Getting a better idea of where different body parts are to fix the seam lines and stuff


    Screenshot 2022-05-31 204233.png
    894 x 895 - 801K
  • JOdelJOdel Posts: 6,002

    People will be very pleased wth it when it's available. They've been asking for ferrets for years.

  • It'd be easier if I actually knew how to use 3d painting programs, but I'll manage one way or another (if anybody knows a good cheap or free tutorial for Blender, preferably not video, I'd be grateful). I'm planning on doing at least three colormorphs and possibly some variations

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