Contacting an artist??

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Is there a way to contact an artist that sells in the store?

Thank you.


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    If they are active in the forums, you can try sending them a PM. However, not all PAs participate in the forum. So, in that case, the best (and official) way to contact them is to send a ticket to DAZ with the question you want to ask the PA and they can contact the PA for you (as that's part of the agreement DAZ has with the PAs).

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    Moved to Art Studio as it is not a Daz Studio topic.

    If they are active in the forums you can try PMing them, but otherwise or if that fails to elicit a response you can send your query to support and they will, if they don't already have an answer on file, be able to contact the artist. If it is a question such as what they used in a promo image you ca also post a query in the Product Suggestions forum.

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