Laura in the field

Saw a photo of a model sitting in a grass field so it inspired me.

Now what elements to choose in my assets...mmmm

I'm really digging that Satine detective outfit shirt so i use that a lot these days.

The Ruo Xi hair is short and easy to manage..

The big job is the Ultra scenery system. Since i dont have a powerful card yet and only a measly 1050 TI ( the 3060 is coming soon ) i have to be careful in my decisions in making stuff visible or not. Plus i sometimes forget to set the optimization to memory, very important, and to set it to texture shaded because Iray will put my Pc in a loop spin of not responding that doesnt quit.

The environment  is from a cool place i just learned of from ASknd on Youtube. Its called Location textures and has a section with HDR panoramas. 


669 x 872 - 2M
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