Custom commission work?

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I'm interested in hiring someone for some custom work. I'd like to talk pricing. Thanks.

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    Can you provide any information about the kind of work you want done?

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    Commission threads are better in Art Studio, so I have moved this one.

  • ok thanks.


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    Gordig said:

    Can you provide any information about the kind of work you want done?

    Yes ... the topic or theme to work on?  the style for realistic or cartoon? for internet or printed use? These can all affect things a lot. Thanks.

  • Looking for a detailed scout/mercenary ship capable of interstellar travel and capable of making planetfall. Crew of four, small interior with bunks, a small toilet, 4 cryotubes and a small cargo area with a hatch. I like lots of grungy, grimy detail, hoses cables pipes and gadgets. I'd like it to look worn and scuffed up. Like it's seen some heavy action. I don't t want it to be huge. About the size of an average house. Want it to look realistic, not like a big plastic tonka toy or a Buck Rogers/flash Gordon type thing...more like a star wars/cyberpunk mash up. It should have an aft ball turret that rotates.
  • For internet use not 3d printing. This is for a vanity project I'm working on.
  • I'll post some pics of a few things I found online as some suggestions of what I'm looking for in a little while.
  • Here are some pics I found that kind of represent the elements I'm looking for.

    640 x 541 - 66K
    640 x 536 - 75K
    1600 x 1129 - 389K
    1600 x 1132 - 443K
    640 x 558 - 62K
    800 x 585 - 108K
    1454 x 1684 - 355K
    600 x 400 - 60K
  • Here's a few more.
    271 x 186 - 12K
    eab9fba9e77bc33be70caf4d7d76a6b6 (1).jpg
    1122 x 1600 - 311K
    736 x 610 - 70K
  • Roughly about the same square footage as a B-17

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    Do you have a ballpark figure for how much you would be willing to spend, that sounds like four... Five figures to me (not counting the decimal point)

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    Not sure If I`m missed about the end file format you want . Just image as final render plus postwork or the 3D model ? I`m working some comission in Fiverr for Background . But those just for images not the 3D model .

    DM me if you wanna chat or talk about your projects , and if you have time just visit my signature link to see if we fit for each other


  • 3d model Daz compatible. I'd be willing to spend around a grand or so if I lke the portfolio.

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