Grandma, the clown of the family.

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I'm pretty proud of this one. Lots of spot renders on this to check tiny details here and there.

Again from a screenwriter point-of-view, i think the caption and text contributes to 50% of the success and humor of an image.


Once again, Grandma Harris making everyone laugh. Joan and Suzie are roaring with laughter and of course it gets grandpa giggling as well.

This time , it's Shakespeare's very dramatic and somber play she calls Omelet. From her famous NY tour, Shakespeare in curlers and tennis uniform.

" Eggs or no eggs, that is the question."

"Alas poor Yoke, i knew it well "

" Something is rotten in this plate at Denny's "

Definitely a Tony award this one. What a thespian grandma is.

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