Broken References in Smart Content

I set my instals to not install pozer content but I still get some, along with 3Dlight shaders which I don't use. So, I deleted some of the files and now they show up as broken references. How can I clear the broken references?


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    It ends up I also have broken references to all of my files listed as "Local User."

    I moved folders, the folders are set properly under "Edit/Preferences/Content Directory Manager" but are now all showing up but broken in "Sart Content." Basically, I had individual folders under "Daz3d/Studio/My Library" and I moved it to "Daz3d/My Library" and updated Content Directory Manager and that's when the problem showed up.

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  • Joe CotterJoe Cotter Posts: 3,252

    It seems like it has to do with CMS needing to reconcile itself, but I don't see an option for that.

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    You should uninstall items the same way you installed them. Simply deleting them breaks the product contents and any references to them, as you have discovered.

    You can re-install the product, then uninstall properly, that should take care of most, if not all. Alternatively, you can hunt through LOCAL USER for orphaned references and delete them. (Hint: you can select a whole page of assets and select Remove Orphaned References. Any on the page will be removed without touching valid references. Why there are valid references in LOCAL USER is another kettle of fish.)

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    Uninstalling like you suggest defeats the whole purpose. I am trying to uninstall certain parts of a product that I don't want and the installer only installs/uninstalls the whole package. I need a workaround to fix the broken issues that are created by uninstalling part of a package, that is the whole point.


    In "Smart Content" there is no option to remove references:


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    Do it in Content Library -> Products  -> L -> LOCAL USER. (Start at the end and work back from there, otherwise the page will fill up from the bottom again when the orphaned references are removed.)

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    That fixed it, thank you. Basically, moving things around in "My Library," specifically things I converted, seems to be what broke it.

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