Wanted: low poly human FACE model

I would like to have a low-poly face model - .HXN or .OBJ that I could import into Hexagon and/or Daz Studio. Not too much detail is required at the outset. For further work in Studio I suppose I have "Mesh Grabber".

Here's my first try at a nose and one "eye". Am I on the right track... it seems to look good with a bit of smoothing?

I started with only a flat grid which I proceeded to tessellate. Do you usually start with a cylinder or an "egg" shape, to get a bit of camber going?

1440 x 900 - 164K
1440 x 900 - 223K
1440 x 900 - 235K
1440 x 900 - 249K


  • I cannot vouch for this coz I have not watched it, but as it's on sale ($4.98) so you might want to have a look at it - https://www.daz3d.com/master-hexagon-organic-modeling-basics

    It is part of the Hexagon Revisited bundle which is also half price - $17.48 - https://www.daz3d.com/hexagon-revisited-create-models-money

    Had a quick look on Youtube for a video but could not find one, sorry :(


  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 9,617

    Have you looked in ShareCG, there's at least one named "Low_poly_head"

  • Roman_K2Roman_K2 Posts: 1,209

    Huhhhh - I don't remember these items or perhaps I missed 'em... anyway by and large it all seems like just what I want. Thanks!

    Btw, I would like to eventually lead up to making something that looks like this (chocolate or resin casts, made from a silicone mold sold on Amazon) but I want the mold, not the object... eg. I would either 3-D print a hard mold (not soft silicone) eg. the negative shape, not the positive or I would cast in aluminum from lost wax.

    OT but any thoughts on 3-D printing in beeswax or other material that can be incinerated during the lost wax casting process. I have cast molten aluminum from a styrofoam positive master, and the styrofoam just vanishes.

  • I know nothing about 3D printing, but there is a user (Richard, he's actually won prizes for it laugh) on the Facebook group which does make things with it.

  • mach25mach25 Posts: 256

    If you need make a mold,try use combine a primitive boolean face and use settings so face is negative 

    = cuts out face shape from for example modified cube



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    couldn't the same face can be a mould flipped like a dish?

  • Roman_K2Roman_K2 Posts: 1,209

    I'm not in the same tier... so you can "mirror" verteces and edges? I've wondered about this.

  • mach25mach25 Posts: 256

    Roman_K2 said:

    I'm not in the same tier... so you can "mirror" verteces and edges? I've wondered about this.

    I do it all the time when I need a mirrored version of object or make a whole symmetrical object by creating half of it ,just change edit one x,y,z axises size by - previous number

    my other suggestion is about do the same trick which is used in bryce use boolean function face meshes set as negative combined with flattened cube to create mold,but in bryce its used for example to create lakes out of upside down landscape and ground plane



  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,840

    Menu -> File -> Open Model... -> Character

    Then make your choice

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