Error message after Hexagon start loading

Hello to all, I have got this problem, I don't know what to do.

Is the installation ok? I have installed via Install Manager.

I have looked into the Hexagon folder in the Users\documents folder, I find this folder is empty, unlike the Daz folder.

Any suggestions?

Hexagon error message.png
1322 x 522 - 3M


  • This is only a guess, I'm no techy - Is this happening coz your antivirus software is stopping Hex from going onto the internet ?

    If you press OK does Hexagon carry on loading ?  

  • 31415926543141592654 Posts: 968

    Hmmm ... have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it? Once in a while I have a product that just doesn't seem to load properly and this often fixes the problem.

    Oh, as always, make sure you do not  have Daz Studio open when you are installing.

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,840

    Don't worry about it. That's just the News popup window that opens every time you start. Run Hexagon as administrator and check the box to not show it again. That should deal with it.

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