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During last render, noticed that in Task Manager it was displayed that Bryce was using around 86-87% of CPU. That was with "high priority" in Bryce in which it enables all cores (sadly, I only have 4).

So is it max % or Bryce could be set to use cpu even more? I'm on Win10. Besides Bryce, every other thing in Task Manager was around 0%. I'm not sure if system uses remaining 13-14%. 

Also, my CPU is i5-6500, which has 3.2 ghz rate, but can "officially" go up to 3.6 ghz due to Intel Turbo technology. However, I noticed it was just 3.3 ghz during Bryce render... I wonder if that could be changed for more. Anyone else with Intel processors like that, perhaps you know what to do? I don't want to go into "unofficial overclocking" as I don't want to risk, but I wonder if that official Turbo thing could be adjusted.


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    The Win Task Manager is not ideal for this. I recommend to use CPU-Z (it is free and small. If you want to watch only what an application uses (e.g. Bryce), get the Process Monitor and also make Bryce LAA (large address aware) to get over the 2 GB limit to about 3.2 GB. If you have not done so yet, watch the video: on my website Bryce & 3D CG Documents > Videos > Horo > 19. Bryce Memory Shortage and what you can do about it. It has the links to LAA and the Process Monitor, both available at the same site and small: LAA 42 KB, PM 26 KB (kilo, not mega). No installation necessary, just unpack in any folder and create shortcuts, if you wish.

    More to you question. It depends on what part Bryce is "chewing" at the moment and therefore the CPU load changes constantly. If you run the Process Monitor, you see what Bryce does in any moment. My best of the 6 computers I can use for Bryce has an i9 with 16 threads. If I set render Priority to High, 8 cores are used but the clock gets lower. If I use Normal, only 4 cores are used but the clock gets higher. So for me, 8 cores is not double of 4 cores, only about 40% faster.

  • Good question.. I'm looking from moving from a 2015 imac to a cusomizable affordable PC.. Is there a thread that discusses what works best? 

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    Bryce has two built in render engines. It only uses the CPU, no GPU is necessary. If you want to use the computer also for Studio Iray renders, you need a good GPU. Check the Commons, there are many threads about the best computer and GPU.

  • If focus would be just on Bryce renders, I think best option would be find 8 core CPU that has highest power (4.5 ghz perhaps? or 3.9 at least). But not sure how "affordable" those are, and they might require more serious cooldown system to compensate.


    But if DAZ Studio (with iRay) and other 3D software is also considered, then besides GPU with nice amount of memory and speed, do not forget  to have large RAM amount as well.

    I'm still on 2015 era computer, and when I work with DAZ Studio, I find that 16 gb ram and 4 gb of video memory are not "enough" anymore. Perhaps 64 gb ram is too much unless you do animation, but feels like 32 gb ram is new standard. As for GPU, cant comment much, but maybe 6 if not 8 gb are recommended. I only know that nowodays GPU prices are dropped down compared to recent years, thankfully (unless we talk about new models). 

  • I now admit I was wrong about this - tried rendering one of Rashad's gorgeous "MegaScape" scenes and noticed that CPU usage was about 95-98% at times.

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    Open Task Manager and look how many Cores are used while rendering. Or download CoreTemp (https://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/), start it and watch the Load on all cores. Also check in Bryce how Priority is set (Low = 1 core; Normal = half of cores, max 8; High = all cores, max 8.).

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