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Can anyone tell me how the (the world) I get in touch with Daz to complain about hexagon not working on my Mac, it loaded it through DIM but it has a no entry sign in grey across it.

why is it so difficult with DAZ's website to find how to actually contact them. By the way, I do not do FB Twitter or instagram, they are too invasive. What ever happened to live chat or good old email

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    Help>Contact US from the top menu https://helpdaz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  • Could try downloading it manually and running the install .exe.

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    What macos are you on?  The product page says 'Hexagon does not currently work on Mac Catalina' 

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    Hexagon is a 32-bit program, meaning it will not work on any version of Mac OS released in the last four years.

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    I just had a situation where an old copy of Hexagon running on Windows XP, wouldn't work at all... or at least a circle with a loop of extruded edges just sat there - engaging the Scale tool accomplished nothing.

    I found this disturbing to say the least so I repeated the operation on a computer with Windows 7. That was much better except I wanted a shape like a cookie say, and I got an aluminum pie plate!

    I am impressed at how the Close function produced such a smooth surface. Isn't that an awful lot of n-gons, which usually don't work, eg. Hexagon crashes. Also I find that the slightest tesellation through a surface produces a noticeable seam when rendered in D|S with Iray.

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