Use "Bend" feature to modify a complex object from DAZ store?

When I try to "bend" this leaf from a commercial model (I isolated this part with the Geometry Editor in D|S, then exported it from there I imported it into Hexagon) nothing happens.

So "Bend" does not work on this object that has probably been smoothed? I'd have to model a leaf (and stem) it from scatch if I wanted to Bend it?

Actually I guess I was mostly interested in bending the stem, so in theory I could render the leaf in D|S and after loading the file into an image editor I could bend it a bit with a warp tool of one sort or another.

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  • atoxicatoxic Posts: 134

    I tried it myself: imported a mesh for a plant via bridge from ds to hexagon.
    HInt: Click on Accept after importing the mesh. It seems not always necessary, but sometimes Hexagon stubborn ignores all commands without this click.

    I extracted a part of the plant using the extraction tool in hexagon, then draw a curve and used bend. This worked.
    But I prefer the cage deformer in this case, because it gives mor control how the object is bend in space.

    Hope this will help.

    ds plant 5.jpg
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    ds plant 8.jpg
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  • Very nice solution Atoxic smiley . You could also, tweak it by choosing a leaf or two and with soft selection ticked move a few faces here and there.

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