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Hello everyone.
Until recently I was in a German-speaking forum where we offered a free Bryce course.
Unfortunately, this forum has now closed due to lack of interest and it would be a shame if the tutorials, which are all in PDF format, were to disappear completely.
That is why I have made the entire course available for free download on my homepage.
As I said, the tutorials are all in German, but if anyone is interested, you can get them here:

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    That's very generous Drachenlords.  I only know a few words of German, as I was married to a German born man for 5 years, but anyone can use a Google translator to use them.  I've saved the link.

  • I don't know if all this works so well with a translator, but maybe he can use one or the other of the materials that are included with some tutorials.

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    Sounds interesting, I thought about Google too, I hope it will give a good translation Thanks for sharing. Hoping Horo will help.wink

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    Sorry to read about yet another shutdown of a Bryce forum.

    Many thanks for your very generous gift!

  • I have learned a lot about Bryce with Drachenlord`s Tutorials - so I can say, to give them to all others is a good Idea.


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    drachenlords - thank you for these tutorials. I downloaded them all and had a look at several, but not yet all. I am not a newcomer to Bryce but I have seen that things can also be done differently than I use do them and I think it is worth to go through all tutorials, there are still many things I can learn. The pictures included are certainly very helpful also for those without a good German language knowledge.

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    Some gorgeous images in the scroll.

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    I can only agree with Yello Pen one hundred percent. I learned a lot from the tutorials I went through. Thanks a lot Drachenlords. It's a shame that the German forum had to be closed (although I can't shake the feeling that I was somehow part of the problem too) Apologies for that.)

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    I got my repaired Laptop back this morning, with all my programs intact, which was great. As most of you know I thrive on tutorials and often re-visit David’s and Horo’s tutorials. The 1st thing I did was download these tutorials. Although it’s in German, I had a quick look at the Basic pdfs and found the images are very useful. With help from Google I think I will be learning something new or remember things forgotten. Thanks for your most generous gift Drachenlords.

  • I'm very happy if these tutorials might still be of use to one or the other.
    Many of these are modified guides by David and Horo, some are also written by Yellow Pen, and others are more like little summaries of the manual.
    Some may also contain new little tricks and tips.

    @ Yellow Pen and Electro-Elvis:
    You were both diligent students who I had a lot of fun with.
    But why do you think Electro-Elivis was part of the problem?
    At least you attended the course, but in the end no one signed up. That was more of a problem.

    @ Horo:
    It's once again very kind of you to look favorably on these tutorials.
    But I don't think I could really show you anything new, at most a slightly different way.
    Your tutorials and those of David have helped me a lot to understand Bryce better and to be able to deal with it a little.
    With these tutorials I just wanted to pass on the knowledge and love for Bryce to those who speak even worse English than me :D

  • thank you dragonlords, even if the fun was not always noticeable with me....wink

    I learned a lot, and that's the most important thing.

  • Oh come on, just because you worked up a sweat on some assignments. Overall I found it a lot of fun cheekywinklaugh

  •  Maybe you have different memories than I do? surprise wink

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    Great package of knowledge and inspiration, thank you! While I don't speak or read in German (though considering text in PDF is digital, it could be translated with Deepl or Google), still this all is pretty helpful and interesting. I took a quick glance through documents - some reminded me of tutorials or subjects I remember from Horo & David workshops, and some showcase things I haven't thought about before! Also I would say this course is nice as a set of exercises which explores "main" subjects, and could be helpful both for beginner brycers and those who return to it after a pause.

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  • Thank you Past as Future. Yes, David and Horos Tuts have held many singles. At the time, I wanted to make it accessible in a slightly modified form to people who spoke even worse English than I do.
    I would be very happy if these tuts would help one or the other.

  • Also liked how many of chapters had extra (bonus) in them smiley

  • Bonus is usually just a small addition, a different angle, or something from the manual that I didn't see in the actual tutorial.

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    With the help of Google I enjoyed some of your Basic ones, there is always something new to learn or refresh one's memories. I just completed the lantern laugh hope to use it in a scene soon. Thanks once again for sharing Drachenlords.

  • I'm really happy if the Tuts could and can help you.
    That's what they were meant for.

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    mermaid, do a simple render to show us.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,127

    Watch "Show us your Bryce renders"

  • NGartplayNGartplay Posts: 2,933

    Will do.  I'm excited to see the lamp.

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