Can't get dson importer anymore?

I experienced poser 12 through the trial version and it was quite good. However, dson importer-for-poser page has been removed. ( Can I send a my G3 or G8 to a poser 12 without the importer? Or are Daz's items no longer usable in poser 12? 


  • Genesis 3 and 8 were not supported by the DSON Importer anyway. You can export them as CR2 files, though that will involve some limitations compared to the DS version.

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    Poser 12 switched to Python 3 while P11 used 2.7, so the importer would have needed to be rewritten in Python 3 to work in P12.

    The importer had not been updated in years and didn't support Genesis 3+ figures anyway, so a P12 version was never produced.

  • You can run Poser 11 and 12 alongside each other, quite happily. Poser 11 is still available and currently sells for $52, and in my opinion it's vital to have both. Especially for running older scripts and DSON. 

    Though you can run DSON in Poser 11 to get Genesis 1 & 2 imports, then save and load the scene to Poser 12.... in practice things go badly wrong with the Genesis figure very quickly once it's in Poser 12.

    If you only want a static and clothed Genesis (any generation) in Poser 12, as an OBJ, then the best way is via a freebie called "Automatic OBJ Exporter" for Daz. It's geared for Poser sized and oriented imports, and keeps clothes/poses/hair. You can also plug a $50 polygon reducer into its simple guided and semi-automated workflow. Though in practice it's most suitable for those who just want Poser's superior real-time Comicbook or Sketch rendering of the figure, with a view to further hand -inking or paint-over of the render.

    If you're just hoping for 'DAZ Genesis 8 +iRay textures, photoreal rendered in Poser 12' then you're out of luck - unless you use a Iray render as a 2D camera-facing billboard in Poser 12. There's a Poser 12 script for the latter.

  • you can probably import FBX exports

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    DAZ should make it Open-Source, as was done with the other software bridges...

    One can get Genesis 3 and 8 into Poser 11 with this tool which fixes the DAZ generated cr2....

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