How to make seamlessly animated water.

Heya, i'm pretty new to Bryce 7. What i'm currently trying to figure out is if there is any way to animate the offset of a material (water in this case) so that the last frame seamlessly flows into the first frame with no "seam". The goal is to make abstract trippy looking waves that smoothly animate, even when the video is looped.


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    Hi, welcome.  I've never done that kind of work but someone should be able to help you.

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    Hi Denner, welcome to the Bryce Forum,  I did some animations in Bryce, simple ones; but unfortunately I can't help with your question. In the meantime check this thread maybe you will find your answer there:


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    And  -  this Does Not have anything to do with animatetion  But still cool 

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    Thanx  ~

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    I have made animations of waterfalls, flowing water like rivers & ocean, even water drop ripples. I have never found a way to make any materials, skies or lights properties animations seamlessly looping. Best I've ever been able to do are back & forth. (Starting point stops back up to the starting point). Moving objects can be made looping. Example, the earth spinning you make 9 key frames in intervals of 45 (0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360. degrees then in in post delete the very last frame, because 0 & 360 is the same position in 3D space.  Not saying it can't be done in Bryce, But the only work around I can think of (in Bryce) would also require Photoshop & be very difficult even for an experienced graphic artist. There are tools that can do the simulation, some are even free. But the learning curves are very steep. 

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