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Hi. I'm trying to do something like chemisty vessel with coloured liquid, I'm not sure about results yet, perhaps you might recommend better materials for liquids?

Here is what I got so far.

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    Set the glass to Transparency about 100 and Refraction to 153 (index 1.53 for glass). - if you have not already.

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    Thanks, I think in the end I picked another glass material with a similar refraction.

    See what I did :) Hope you recognize what is it.

    By the way, how could I get rid of that "glass projection" that acts as shadow? I think it's just weird.


    galileo thermometer default sky.png
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    Past, we inherited one of these from Hubby's father (who passed away.)  They're pretty cool.  I'm going to set a light and see what shadows I get.

    I love the realistic water distortion.  Ours isn't water so it doesn't distort as much but I like what you have.  It's so much more interesting.

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    Yeah, I can't get a shadow like that.  Perhaps some tweak to the shadows or sunlight or maybe even refraction? 

    Ours is all glass that goes to a point on top.  64 degrees F. is the lowest number we have.

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    Past as Future - good result. If you want to get rid of the shadow, just disable Cast Shadows in the Material Options (Mat Lab top, down arrow).

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    NGartplay - thanks for discussion and "field report". I hope that such object keeps dear memories in your family in addition to decorating the interior.

    As for numbers, I used celsium ones.

    Horo - thank you for advice, I will try and see what will happen.

    Meanwhile I just removed the floor and used HDRI for another render.

    Here is wireframe of the scene (open image in a new tab for full size view).

    And this is how I made the liquid vessel.

    Glass shape is made with metaballs and a torus. Because of metaballs nature, I can not save this in the object library. So I should keep it as a separate scene to "merge" or copy and paste during session in Bryce. Temperature numbers are terrains with imported heightmaps and applied smoothing and cut off brackets.

    As for liquids, I found another material in the library though I'm not sure it was aimed to be a liquid in a first place. I guess the refraction of glass helps it though.

    galileo thermometer.jpg
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    galileo thermometer wf.PNG
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    galileo vessel wf.PNG
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    Past as Future - very nice result. On the stand, the shadow is visible. Instead of disable Cast Shadows  for all objects, you can also select the ground plane - or on what the object stands - and disable Receive Shadows for it.

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    Past, love the modeling, well done.  I also like the white ends better.  It's such a decorative object, as well as useful, and the white looks prettier to me; the black looks utilitarian.

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    Past as Future : great modeling, very well done.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,127

    Past as Future - awesome model very nice render

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,795

    Past as Future, That is a lovely model and very well rendered.

  • adbc, mermaid010, Hansmar - thank you!

    Horo - thanks for kind words and for the advice.

    NGartplay - thanks. Yeah, I agree.

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