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This is a picture that my step-father and mother took in Europe.  I've always wanted to recreate it but don't know where to start.  I'm seeing perhaps 4 or 5 different terrains.  My thought was to create the hill first then add a smooth hill to it so the rocks stick out (left side.)  I'm actually scared to try a landscape because they are so difficult for me to get a good result.

Any thoughts on this?  Anyone want to try recreating it? 


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    Sorry folks, I didn't start this because a friend of our died while driving and we had a funeral for him today.  Tomorrow I'm going to be gone too but I'll get back to this on Monday.

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    Condolences, NGartplay.

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    Thanks Hansmar.  He'll be missed.  He was a long distance truck driver.  I asked him once what his favorite city was and he said Louisville Kentucky.  That's just over a 6 hour drive for us so hubby and I went down for a visit.  Went to all the bourbon tastings, did a craft brewery tour, Kentucky Derby, Old much to do.  Been back 2 more times.  Last time we went through the Halloween pumpkin  walk. So awesome.

    I'm at that age where people that I know are starting to have health issues. We'll be dropping off the end of the Earth as the water pushes us that way but I'm paddling very hard to stay in the stream.

    So, I'm over my weekend hangover and about to start trying my hand with this landscape.  Not sure why it is so appealing to me.  It may be the swirling looking land on the right.  Don't know if I can duplicate that. Gonna try.

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    So this is what I get when I try to recreate the landscape.  Nothing like the picture, lol.


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    Sad news about your friend Condolences, NGartplay

    That's a very beautiful landscape. I always found it difficult to get anything exactly as I see it in a picture. Good Luck,

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    NGartplay : condolences for the loss of your friend.

    Wonderful landscape. I think I never suceeded in making it look exactly like in a picture.


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    Thank you adbc and mermaid.  It is a sunset lighting.  I think that I'll keep playing with it.  Perhaps increase the strength of the light.

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    Yes, NGartplay, it sure is a nice landscape, but not very close to your picture yet. I tried something like that once and it did not lead to the best looking landscape I ever made. Nevertheless, it is always nice to set yourself a goal, so that you can learn and improve, I feel.

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    Very true Hansmar :)

  • Those pumpkins look so cool

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    Jnobes, aren't they cool?  It was an awesome Halloween walk.  I took a lot of pictures.

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    NGartplay - very nice result with your landscape. Condolences for the loss of your friend.

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    NGartplay: My condolences for the loss. My thoughts are with you and also with his family.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your loss. My sincere condolences.

    Your landscape has become wonderful.

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    oh.... my condolences too, NGartplay.

    your landscape looks beautiful.

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