How to get Daz to Unreal bridge to work with UE 5.1

Hello, I am using DAZ Studio Pro edition (64bit) and use Unreal Engine 5.1.

I cannot get the bridge to work. Any thoughts?



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    Doesn't work with UE5.1, nor UE5.1.1, nor with G9 F or M forms.

    The version we can download from here is old, even the one from the creators website is older than what I've seen in some tutorials online, on how to do this (with 5.0 and G8F).

    I bring this whole conversation up in another thread.

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    Okay, so from the dev webpage, there is a repository to the right of page that says it is obsolete. If you Scroll down, you will see a section that says the tool was devided between Unity and Unreal... Select the Unreal link, and WHAM -there is a download lin on the righ again for an Unreal 5.1 hotfix!

    I am downloading it as I type!

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    And it works...

    More or less...

    G9 is in UE5.1.1 in the full female morph. Going to suggest bring G9 Staight in, but include the Full Female and Full Male Morphs (that way you have options) The Morphs work quit well, the gowing up Morph appears to work, but there is a severe graphic 'stuttering' once it is used... will have to figure that one out.

    I removed the tears and eyelashes from the export, and well, something strange happened in that the eyes do not appear to there (they are seperate with G9, so maybe that's it) And at certain angles you can see through her head, her eyes ar not ther, but the back of her head is, so that one has me scratcing my head...

    Ayway, Pictures, it DOES work, just not sure I want to go that route, at ths time...

    Oh, and the eyebrows... Yuck!

    630 x 408 - 299K
    802 x 560 - 501K
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    P.S. you are looking for Daz To Unreal Bridge v2022.2.18

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  • Thank you so much are awesome. I will check out the downloads today. You are the best. Take care.

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    The hot fix is just for Windows... 

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    or does it work on a Mac too?

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    Short answer, I find, is that it doesn't work with the current Unreal version of 5.1.1

  • I use this version

    Includes UE_4.25 to UE.5.2



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    I still use 4.26 and 4.27 with my DAZ characters because those versions support other assets from the Unreal Marketplace I use that also have not been updated

    it seems one has to make a choice as to which plugin you use on the DAZ studio end

    only solution might be installing one in the public build but not tried it yet

    I can still add DAZ characters manually as FBX imports to 5.1 and do use the plugin DTU versions rather than FBX export them with the default exporter as the duplicate nodes etc fixed

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