Secret Lake by HowieFarkes

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Hi all,

As soon as i saw that Secret Lake, i fell in love with it. Great was my disappointment, when i noticed it was exclusive for Carrara. I would love to use it in my poser renders, since i can't afford Carrara. Is there any possibility to make this for Poser and or Daz Studio ? Same goes for the other extraordinary beautiful nature scenes of him. Thank you.


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    it uses replicators and other Carrara native functions I am afraid.
    he has done some Vue scenes too if that helps as some Poser users also use Vue.

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    Thank you for the reply, but that doesn't help me much i'm afraid. yes i use Vue 4, but it's old, and the scenes he did for Vue, don't even come close to what he did for Carrara. Ow well, too bad, i will look at the pictures every once in a while and hope ;-)

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    I own Secret Lake, and the country lane products myself, I would LOVE to use them, but unfortunately, this is always my rendering time when using them. This is with sky light turned off, using his recommended light dome to take 2 hrs off render time and his other render time saving advice in the documents :( (My computer renders everything else in minutes/hours. but nope these scenes take days.)

    BTW: I have yet to delv into the world of Vue, how it is in comparison with Bryce for landscapes/waterscapes?

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    67 hours! holy crap!!!
    try deleting the skydome
    put a single bulb in at 100m (30')
    use an object and shadow accuracy of 4
    fast antialiassing

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    Worked like a charm. Thanks again!
    Incidentally I tried simply selecting all the lights in the dome, and turned off Raytraced shadows, Left the sun as the sole source for shadows and it rendered in about 45 minutes. Also acceptable. Initial render time quotes are around 2hrs, or around 2.5hrs but as soon as the render goes below the tree lines it speeds up super fast. I knew the biggest culprit was the trees, but no way in heck I'm deleting any, they're my favorite part of his scenes :)

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    yeah, a bulb not very realisticly arty but the only way I can do animation using HF scenes, my computer must be better (it should be, spent money on it) my old laptop would have given times like that!
    can get the Japanese tea garden down to one frame a minute using a single bulb.

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