What is this top ?

Can anyone identify this top?  I can;t find it anywhere ? Thanks 

Screenshot 2023-12-04 090357.png
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  • Thanks Sofacitizen, I was looking everywhere for that :)


  • SofaCitizenSofaCitizen Posts: 1,564

    No problem, I know how annoying it is when you are looking for something and cannot find it. I did try looking under "crop top" but I think in the end I found it via searching for "girl power".

  • Wait you telling me you searched GIRL POWER and found it ?  I searched GIRL POWER DAZ3D  or DAZ3D GIRL POWER and got nothing, typical :) anyway thanks for the help.

  • SofaCitizenSofaCitizen Posts: 1,564

    Sorry, it would have been a combo of those: daz3d crop top girl power

    I usually use the image search as it's easier to spot relevant potentials. I know Google customises search results so you may have different things returned, but for me the 8th and 19th results are that top. The 8th result is from a "Cute Kids" thread and didn't provide the name. The 19th result is for page 6 of a "Teen Jane 8" thread and the answer was in this comment.

  • Thanks for your help , its exactly what I wanted :) 

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