Looking for a spefic shirt style

Ya'll have been a great help before finding spefic styles so I'm hoping you can help again. This is what I'm looking for. Where it has the rounded collar edges, its buttoned all the way up and it has the pleated 'bib'. Most if not all the dress shirts/ suit products I have for gen 8 male have... bits and pieces but not 'all' of the bits. So they'll like have the rounded collar edges but the first 2-3 buttons are open, or it has the pleats, but it runs the entire length of the shirt and the collar is wrong and so on and so on. Please help. I'm recreating a character for a friend and they are very picky about the shirt being 'just' right. If I have to settle for 2 of the 3 design things, then rounded edges and buttoned all the way up, would be preferred. (can be gen 8 male or gen 9)



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