Shopping categories should match the "smart content", display.

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I would like it if the categories in the shopping area, had a matching setup to the "Smart content".

Such as the category "Clothing and Accessories", which, quite oddly, only has "Clothing" and "Accessories", which is a bit redundant.

Clothing has 13621 items, and ZERO sub-categories. Honestly, it should, at the least, have a "Male" and "Female" and "Universal" and "Other".

As a whole, it should have, like the smart catalog, "shoes", "tops", "bottoms", "outfits", "pants", "shorts", "jackets", etc...

All this data could actually be "collected" by the "smart content - metadata", from the actual files. For us, it makes it easier to locate and find things we may be looking for, without people messing with the "tags", and tagging every item with unrelated tags in a search. Also, it reduces all the undesired clutter that shows in a "search", without needing to hammer-down into a specific search.

I also wish there was some tag that identifies these clothing items as "needs adhesive and tape to hold the outfit on large breasts", and "made for strip-clubs", and "illegal to wear in public", and "defies all laws of physics", and "has more glitter than a disco-ball"... So I can just hide that garbage, when looking for "normal clothing, people wear in public, at any age, on Earth, which doesn't blind people". :P

Bonus if we can actually "search the catalog", from within DAZ3D, within the category we are in, to find more things online. (Even if it is just a "LINK", which takes us to a "pre-filtered" search category of "smart content".)

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    I wouldn't mind this as an "option", but not as default since I never use smart content, so I am fine with the way it is.

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