Please forgive my memory: Was it called DAZ COMPLETE??

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[What was the name of the] Just recently discontinued software by DAZ.   I used it all the time to display my purchases.  Made it much easier to find items, had a good search engine.

Is there any plans to replace this program????

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    I do not know which program you are talking about.

    Daz has recently retired Daz Central, which could install products and launch Daz Studio.

    The core of Daz Central is the same as DIM.

    What kind of searching are you trying to do?

  • You are right - the programs name was Daz Central...sorry for the old mans memory.

    Right now, I have close to 5,000 products in my library, and for me it is difficult to remember their names.  And being able to see a photo shot of the item made it much easier to recogize what I was looking for.

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    I don't know how it worked in Daz Central - never used it.

    You have an option in DIM to retrieve thumbnails, so if you hoover over a product it will show the picture of the product.

  • We have been told that it is planned to give Install Manager a view similar to Daz Central's grid view, but no ETA. The products tab of Smart Content will give an iconed view of your content, installed or that Daz Studio knows of by having retrieved metadata since you purchased the product.

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