Do Genesis 9 Daz Originals characters like Victoria 9 go on sale?

Hello! I recently added Victoria 9 to my wishlist but I'm just wondering if this character and other Gen 9 Originals characters even go on sale. Typically, I don't buy Daz items unless they're on sale so I will hold out on this purchase until there's a discount. But can anyone please tell me if they've seen these characters on sale? Thanks!


  • Yes, almost if not everything eventually goes on sale at some point.

    Keep an eye on the bundles though. Say if a figure is selling for about $25, but the starter bundle is on sale for $24, well then that's the better deal ;-) These core figures are in the starter as well as the pro bundles, plus sometimes in other bundles for that core figure.


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    Get yourself the DazDeals plugin
    With it you can see at what price the products have been offered within the last year.

    Victoria 9 on her own was listed at $10.50 in October (bought her in May for $5.65)
    Victoria 9 HD Mega Bundle was listed at $47.25 also in October

    Those were just the prices that have been shown in the shop (for Daz+ members), they can also get a lot cheaper if there are other discounts to take advantage of.
    For example, in September/October I got;

    Zack 9 HD Pro Bundle, MSRP $194.99, bought for $30.71 (84% off) - Lowest listed price = $68.24
    Amelia 9 HD Pro Bundle, MSRP $148.99, bought for $18.91 (87% off) - Lowest listed price = $41.72

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  • Great, thanks for the info Catherine3678ab and PerttiA! I'm just getting into Gen 9 so I haven't been keeping track of prices but $60 regular price for Victoria 9 was making me pause. Whoa, $5.65 for Victoria 9! Big discount! I've installed the plugin you linked to and I'll check out the features. Thanks for the recommendation - this will be very useful!

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    It won't be long before Daz is giving V9 away for free, if they haven't already. 

  • I got her in a bundle on sale for 22.50 a while back

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    Speaking of Victoria 9 going on sale, I don't know if it's low enough for you, but today, there is a 60% discount:

    Regarding the original question, I saw bundles for Victoria 9, Michael 9 and Minerva 9 in my Lightning Deals, each time after the one year anniversary of each release. I don't know if it just happened randomely or if there is a delay before a Daz Original product can appear in Lightning Deals, but you might want to check them when a sale impacting a character you want is happening because it can get this character or a bundle including them at a high discount.

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    Elor said:

    Speaking of Victoria 9 going on sale, I don't know if it's low enough for you, but today, there is a 60% discount:

    She gets down to $6.55 in the cart. 

  • Thanks, I bought Victoria for 60% off today and I'll keep an eye on discounts for some of the other gen 9 models. I'm wondering if there are regional differences for pricing; the Deals plugin always shows a significantly lower current price in the price history chart than what is actually available for me. Same with the highest or regular price, which is quite a bit lower in the chart than what I see on the product page. For example, the chart shows the high for Victoria is 41.99 while the regular price on my screen is 59.99. All prices are in USD. If there are regional difference, this doesn't seem fair, especially when you factor in currency conversion. I'll try and get the biggest discounts I can going forward!

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    You are probably seeing prices for Daz+ members.

  • PerttiA said:

    You are probably seeing prices for Daz+ members.

    Ahh, yes, of course! You already mentioned that. I'll look into Daz+ as it probably would have been more than worth it for me so far. Thanks for helping me save money! ;)

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