Would love this type of swimsuit made

I would love to see someone like xtrart-3d or anyone who is really good creating swimwear to tackle this one.

I know that we got gazillions of bkinis and swimsuits already but there is very little of this style yet and it would look fantastic on a daz figure.


  • felisfelis Posts: 3,776

    I see the straps connecting to the ring and the ring as a challenge.

    Issue is that when using a different shape, the projected morph will make these part deform. E.g. with large breasts the ring and the connections to the bottom would stay, while the connections to the top would be pushed outwards.

    Ideally you could simulate it, but you can't simulate a rigid object (the ring).

  • If you search "monokini" over on Renderosity, you can find several things in a similar style. I doubt you'll ever find smething like that here though, it's far too revealing.

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    You'll have better odds to find somthing this niche  at one of the other shops like R-hub or R-tica. A little to risque for here at Daz. 

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