New Characters and/or morphs for older Genesis's

I'd like to see new morphs for previous genesis's?


  • felisfelis Posts: 3,789

    You might find some on other sites, but Daz seems to be targeted to the newest generation.

  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 12,614

    Good luck with that. It makes very little financial sense since so few still use older figures (a handful of purchases don't create a good ROI). Your best bet is digging into Blender or Zbrush and creating your own at this point.


    It'f funny, I was excited when G2 came out since I didn't like the unimesh of Genesis 1, but I never really got to explore G2's potential since Genesis 3 came out sooner than expected. So for some time I had G2 products I never really got to use. Then I discovered a VR sandox game that uses the Genesis 2 figures and this made me purchase and use much more G2 products since I could import them into this game. Version 2 of this game comes out next year and it will be using the G8 charcters, can't wait for that!!

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