Big Volumetric hairstyles of the 80s or other

Dunno if posting in this topic area will do any good but ive been looking for hairstyles that are BIG like they use to have in the 80s. Im talking like curly layered hair, feathered, Volumetric pixie cut, and something similar to the hairstyle of Roxanne from "a goofy movie" if possible. Alot of the 80s stuff ive found so far is either real old with poor textures or for victoria models that i dont use and most of the "big" hairstyles on the market currently are simply just long hair copy/paste (least in my opinion). Was hoping to send a message to OutOfTouch or a few other artists to see if theyd oblidge in creating such but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to contact them?(Perhaps thats the point?) Anyway, i welcome suggestions but know ive probably already found it (Dynasty hairstyle seems to be the one most point me to which goes to show the lack of variety....) and if any hair creators stumble across my post then i humbly request your assistance!

Included some images as well as a tiktok (i do apologize but i couldnt find a better representation other than tiktok) and well

As for the roxanne style...i was hoping for a realistic variant whilst maintaining the overall shape and volume as presented in the toon version.

824 x 1024 - 104K
639 x 960 - 77K
450 x 450 - 30K
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