Has 3Delight been getting slower?

Some background ... I began using DAZ nearly a decade ago. At the time I rendered in 3Delight for a couple of reasons. Back then it looked more realistic than Iray AND it was faster than Iray. a 3Delight scene would render in about an hour while the same scene in Iray had to run overnight -- 9 or 10pm to 6 or 7am. So, it was the best of both world. Faster and better results.

Over the years, Iray has become faster and more life like and I now use it exclusively. I ewcwntly had the opportunity to re-release one of my tales from the past and in hindsight I came up with a better ending which required some scenes to be re-rendered with some changes to them.

Fortunately, I keep all of my DAZ input files and in order to make the changes be completely transparent, the changed scenes had to be re-rendered in 3Delight.

Much to my surprise, the scenes which years ago completed in about an hour, were now talking almost a full day -- 22 hours for one scene.

Why? Has anyone else encountered this?

I'm not looking for a solution and I'm not complaining because I need to re-render only a few scenes so it's not a major problem but I'm just curious if anyone has experienced something similiar and / or if someone could shed some light on what is going on?


  • 3Delight has not been updated for a long time (because the new versions required a different shader language, so existing content would not have worked). It's more likely a system or render Settings chnage, though the latter should be stoed in the scene file and applied on open.

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