Stretching Morphs for G8 figures

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I'm currently running a superhero ttrpg and I want to make some DAZ versions of the player characters. No problem for most of the characters but one player created a stretchy guy. Think of Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, Plastic Man from DC, or Elasti-Girl from the Incredibles. Are there any productcs out there that can do something like replace the figures linbms with flexible tubes? I have some morphs which stretch out the limbs but they still only bend at the normal joints.

I'm thinking that it might be a job for Blender but I have had no luck in getting ahandle on using it.


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    While theoretically one could create geografts for noodle arms, this has some of the same problems that stop multi-arm products being viable (despite being a popular request) - in this case, a big limtation is that clothes are weighted to follow the joints on the base figure and wouldn't work with the new rigging on the noodle arms.

    I can't say categorically that no such product exists, but I can tell you that if it does, you can expect a lot of limitations... or, indeed, will need to do custom work to make it work with other assets. (Not quite to the same level of effort I need to do to get clothes to fit the centaur geografts, but there will be similar challenges).

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    I can't remember which A3 pack had them but there were some stretch morphs which I GenX'ed over to Genesis

    EDIT - still bends at the joints, no noodle/elastic action

    Genesis A3 Stretch 1.png
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    I've seen tentacle arms geografts for G8, but I don't remember any "noodly arms" ones.

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    I think I may have found something that will work. SickleYield has a set of posable ropes / cables / vines that look like they will do the job, at least for arms and legs.


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