Requesting 3-D Maps of Individual Countries, Individual American State Maps, and Possibly other Cour

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I was thinking of an idea for a greeting card, which would incorporate a map, and realized I have never seen a 3D object/caracter/prop of world countries, or states or provinces.

I haven't been able to figure out how to actually create a character/figure/object/prop,so if anyone else can, and doesn't have anything else (3D-wise) to do, I'd sure appreciate such a pack for Poser 8.


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    Move to product suggestion since it wasn't an offer of a freebie

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    I downloaded some massive NASA images from BlueMarble including an elevation one I cut up and use for displacement and a computer patched satelite photograph for textures to make in my case, Australia in 3D
    I made a 3D model by using it as a 3D displacement on a highly subdivided plane in Carrara and exporting as an obj, believe this can be done in Hexagon too, certainly Blender.
    or it can be just used as displacement for render.

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    I think Bryce reads DEM data for terrains which you can also get from USGS for all of America.
    not sure, never tried.

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