List of Strand-Based Hair in the Store

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Especially with the introduction of the new omni shader, I've seen so many people ask for a list of strand-based hairstyles that I figured someone should go ahead and compile that list. Thanks to chevybabe25 (posting over in the Omni Shader Hair Thread) for the rundown of SBH creators that forms the backbone of this list. With any luck, this project will one day be obviated by a clarifying change in how hair is presented in the store, but for the time being: a list.

I'd like for this thread to just be a resource, not a discussion space. If you spot a new strand-based hairstyle or an existing one that I've missed, or if an entry in this list is erroneous, post about it here! I'll also be compiling links to tutorials related to SBH.

You're looking at version 0.1 of this list. Some of the entries may be wrong and some are certainly missing, in particular many Daz Originals products that don't also have the name of a PA on them, and animal and clothing items with fur elements. Please don't make decisions about how to spend your money based solely on this list, and please post any errors you spot so that I can fix them.


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