A simple triangular plane for Daz?

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I'm looking for a simple, flat, triangular plane for Daz that I can apply shaders to. I did a search and found someone asking the same question about 10 years back, but with no really good replies, so I thought I'd ask again to see if anyone has come up with a solution in the last decade. I know I can just create a primitive plane with a ton of divisions and remove half, and the more divisions the plane has then the closer I get to a straight line on the long side, but are there any actual triangles out there, or simple ways to create one without going to Blender, Hexagon, etc?  

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    Moved to Product Suggestions as it is not a Daz Studio topic.

    Though having said that, you could create a three-sided cylinder and use the Geometry Editor to select and delete the top and sides.

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    triangulating various subdivided primitives can yield many shapes you can extract with the geometry editor deleting faces,

    a plane with one face triangulated gives 2 right angled triangles you can delete one

    Richard's suggestion gives and equalateral 

    a modelling program is obviously a better option and Hexagon has a handy bridge

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    Just for the fun, I spent a little while creating a morphing triangle prop. The apex of the triangle (behind the character) can be moved in X and Z. The movement is 1cm = 1% morph at 100% scale. Morph "Corner X Movement" = +/-86.6% to make the triangle into a rightangle triangle. Yep, I know the number is horrible, but with an eqilateral triangle, some numbers always will be. The triangle is UV mapped from above, scene X axis the image horizontal axis, though no texture is included. The texture will distort as the triangle apex moves.

    Anyway, please find below a Floor Triangle prop library item with two morphs, tex mapping, a duf file, .duf.png and .tip.png & data files. I cannot imagine it's possible to have a prop with fewer than the 1 facet and 3 vertices this prop has...

    I hope it's worth the effort!



    Floor Triangle.png
    512 x 512 - 208K
    Floor Triangle.zip
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  • Thank you all for the tips.  Richard, you are particularly wonderful. This is for a project for my brother, and he wanted a square vertical background plane cut into right-angle triangles. With everything that you can do with Daz, I was suddenly stumped with how tricky it seems to create sych a simple object

  • Oh my... I just found where theTriangulate option is in Efit.Object, as per Wendy's suggestion. Wendy, you are as wonderful as Richard. I love this community!

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