Ads in my Gallery? Ads in the Forum?

Really? This is new to my experience here, and not really welcome.


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    This discussion will probably get closed as it has been several times when bought up, but a huge amount of people complained about the gallery banners, than the forum banners etc. It is sad, because some of us use google to search for say a Daz vintage hairbrush and google serves us an old forum post. But I have to say on Easter Sunday today, they are very annoying, because they are popping up and expanding as a full page on my 38 inch 4K monitor, and today's experience takes away any appetite I may have had for eating a nice Easter dinner. This is in video format covering the entire page, so the worms are crawling. Simply disgusting. Maybe a forum moderator could show this to the powers that be. Sites using an grayed out - sign up overlay to force a click was never that popular. Using this type of overlay will not retain or gain customers. They will simply close the page, hit the back button.

    Edit I am clicking links to shop (research version needed for plug-in, maybe refrain from returning an item because a fix is here etc). this makes me turn off the monitor and do something more pleasant.on my other pc.

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    Use an ad blocker or better browser. I am on Firefox, I never see an ad here.

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