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     Hi, Still Friday night Daz time I saw an item that was 55% off, I logged in just to favorite that. After login the price went down to 68% off. Curious how it would ring up, I put it in the cart and now it was 73% off! I didn't have any tokens or other possible deals available. Thought it might have something to do with the 2 EGGS I bought but now I see it didn't. Shopping on Easter has continued to be the same, so it's been very confusing choosing things by price when it keeps changing. surprise Anybody else experience this? laugh/ peace

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    First of all, the prices will often be different before and after logging in (for example, being a Daz+ member gives you 30% discount on Daz Originals: this is something you won't see before logging in), and if it was a new item, it was a key item, so it would get extra 10% off when putting into the cart. Then, if you bought any easter eggs items, the discount for having those would have activated at midnight on Saturday.

    Discounts stack here (though not the 50%+25%=75% way, but 50% off first, then 25% off what remained after the first discount), so the best way to learn about them is to check the current sales page (which is usually the first or the second one on the rotating banner in the main store page). In some cases, the sale only lasts one day. In other, the sales are active for several days, and then promotions stack between them as well with the right combination of items.

    Many people here enjoy stacking discounts and seeing what kind of carts they can build. If it's confusing for you, you don't have to participate: buy the item when you think the price is right for you, and don't delay (more than a day; or, in case of flash sales, until the end time), because discounts and codes aren't guaranteed to last. Or rather: they're almost guaranteed to not last.

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       Hi, thanks for posting that, I'm sure it will especially help people new to Daz. As for me, "adding a key item" made me think, (thanks) but it wasn't a key item. As stated, I had no other deals available (and I'm not a Daz+ member) at well before midnight Friday Daz time. So the Easter Egg discounts weren't active yet and after they were it didn't explain the totals. The only guess I've had for some of this is that perhaps some discounts were active by mistake before Easter, cause I saw that an item dropped from 55% off on Friday to 68% off on Sunday, (before login) and it was already 68% off on Friday after login, then when put in the cart it was 73% off - but the 68% off price minus 6% for the 2 eggs purchased would be a higher price so that doesn't explain how it became 73%. Some may say it's just "Daz math", but I hadn't seen any evidence of that for quite a while. Regarding sales for new customers, if you can't activate a promo code, i recommend contacting Daz sales, cause sometimes the codes don't work, and my experience with the sales dept. has been very good. Wishing you all the best experience... smiley / peace

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