Request: Dynamic Tribal Loincloth for Genesis (Daz)

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I would like to request a Dynamic tribal loin cloth for genesis in Daz 3d. Possibly with some variations which I will post image references below in a separate reply.


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    Some variations ... Image references.

    1680 x 1050 - 760K
    284 x 248 - 80K
    603 x 400 - 46K
    500 x 700 - 118K
    500 x 700 - 113K
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    Pre existing dynamic loincloths... very nice but only for M4 and V4 :long:

    502 x 649 - 60K
    502 x 649 - 52K
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    very nice but only for M4 and V4

    That does not actually mean they can't be used on genesis. The trick to converting is to make sure that the shape you end up with is 100% scale. V5 for example is 95% scale so you want to scale her up to 100%. You also will need to do a timeline drape since it will not "fit to" properly.

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    As an alternative to scaling up the figure, you could also scale down the dynamic cloth. I've always had the Dynamic Clothing Control plugin, so I can't remember if this feature is in the default basic dynamics plugin. I've had great success in scaling down clothes to fit smaller Genesis and V4/M4 (and even Gen3) figures. In the pics upthread, you can scale down only the belts to get a snug fit while leaving the hanging cloth unchanged. Also, as mentioned above you might not be able to use "fit-to" so an animated drape might be the only way to get it to work.

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    SickleYield has Genesis loincloth available at Renderosity.

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    Thanks for all the help guys! I'll give a go all the above :) Prob should have asked this as a question in commons lol Skiriki, I shall have a look thanks you :cheese:

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