Product download on website needs to be specialized

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Consider showing only the single products then offering download links in a div below the product listing,
or offer a side-view div that contains the product details with links to the downloadable content.

Then add a session cookie parameter "preferred OS: Mac 32, Mac 64, Win 32, Win 64"..

So that when listing downloadable content, only executables for the preferred OS appear.

An installer may be a better choice as well..

Consider this, someone downloads your installer, then fails to find an execute it, comes calling to you
because it wasn't executed, but user didn't know..

If you had a automated installer, then user downloads, the program is installed, and you get installation
verification so you can tell when user called that the package was in fact verified to have been installed.
You could also collect debugging information when their packages fail, and upon installation you can run a
MD5 verification check to see if the software was tampered with before being installed..

The reason that iPad and Linux and MacOSX, Game software, has package managers is to automate the install process and get more people on-board with your products. It just makes sense.. It would also permit you to localize the help resources so that the user knows where to go.. If you have your resources distributed across the system, it makes everything harder for the user.. Have you ever wondered why iPad doesn't have much of a file system.. IF you did, people would lose their files..

90% of what holds 3D artists back in projects is file management. So eliminate the need to work with a file system..


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    DAZ 3D is in the process of changing the current system.

    Products will be released as zip files, so only one file needed, to suit both programs.

    THere will be an installer app which is optional, which needs only be downloaded once, to aid those who prefer to use this method.

    THis will be some time in the future.

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