Moar LoRez Stuff!! ...pleease.

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I really love Predatron's LoRez figures, they do well even at fairly close range,
though at the moment there's a lil' bit of a bias to the male side...
(what if future LoRez figures had a simple morph to go either male or female?)

Anyway I'd especially love to have the 'LoRez Masked Heroine'
(and while we're at it LoRez Super-Villain),

There needs to also be a LoRez Mother Superior, and LoRez Nun (yes I've got plans).

There's also a rather large LoRez gap waiting to be filled in the Military - LoRez Soldier would be awesome!
- bigger battles!
There could be textures for SWAT variants too,
and props to customise for WW2 or Modern, Axis or Allies and so on...

How about LoRez Policeman/Woman,
customisable to Paramedic or Firefighter... Emergency scenes and all that...

or LoRez Construction Workers...

Think of all those 3D aircraft models with no one in the cockpit - Lo Rez Pilot, Airline Pilots, Fighter pilots, Helicopter pilots, military, civilian...

I'd use them all, I swear!
(see my pic below, most of those lil' figures were customised from LoRez Males and Loretta's, but so fiddly)

OK that's a freakin' lot,
so maybe all these could be covered by some Texture / Prop / Pose packs to expand Lorenzo and Loretta?

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