UI speed in 4.5RC binary

i wonder, if the current 4.5 binary is already speed optimised, as the ui seems to be pretty slow.

example: i use the "primarySelectionChanged" signal to sync a filter for a treeview in my plugin.

this signal has already an uncool behaviour, as if the user _switches_ selections it first emits with NULL, and than a 2nd time with the new selected node, means it always works 0 > 1 > 0 > 1... means my filtered treeview also replicates this.

in ds3 this was at least not visible, but with ds4.5 (not yet tested in ds4.0) the - of course unwanted - intermediate "no selection = no filter" state is clearly visible for a few moments. not a deal breaker, but it looks nasty; and also leads to the above question.

i may of course build some buffer around the results of this signal to prevent this, but it's of course not really elegant coding to do so.

ps: but i'm happy to see, that the bug with the wrong numSelectedNodes count is now corrected ;)

pps: at least in chrome the line-breaks of forum posts seem to work strange; the line height within paragraphs is a little large already, and to get some gap between paragraphs, i need to insert 2 empty lines...


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    additional note: it is _really_ slow. if i try this with something more complex (like SoA2), the lag between selection changes is in the 500ms area (also if i disable my plugin, so that's not the point).

    btw, this seems to be partly connected to the OGL viewport speed, because it is a bit better wirth a gtx 580 (still slow), but painflul slow with some lower end card, even if everything is already set to low quality/maximum performance.

    what leads me to the question if the OGL speed will get any better with future updates; the switch from ds3 to ds4 was very disappointing in that area, because ds4 OGL seems to be about 5 times slower than ds3, and even if i already use some really powerful hardware, the ds4 viewport gets very laggy if a scene is just a little more complex...

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    I can confirm the *extreme* sluggishness of 4.5RC2. On my MacPro, 8-cores, plus ATI 5870 GPU the UI, not just the 3D Viewport is incredibly slow. You can click on an item in the scene tab and wait until it gets selected. The scene that I'm working on has just one V4, one piece of clothing, one hair prop, a couple of props and the "Tomb of Helena" set. By all counts it's not a large scene but working on it is quite painful. I hope this will be resolved in the next RC.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've not noticed this at all. Even with 4 Genesis fully clothed and textured in the scene my little Macbook Air chugs along like a champ and it's only got a wimpy little Intel Sandy Bridge video card.

    I just upgraded to ML yesterday and it's still speedy there too.

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