Invisible Ezra Hair

Hey guys!

I just bought Ezra hair and it's, well, invisible in the renders, just like the title states! I loaded the hair, set my color, set all the style settings that looked good to me. It shows the hair in the texture shaded mode--and I even simulated it, watching the hair move in the animation--but when I switch to NVIDIA Iray mode, only the scalp shows, no long hair to be seen. My character looks like a new army recruit lol. I've been working with lots of different hair and have been a Daz user since January 2020, and have never seen this problem before. Any ideas? Thanks!


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    You said that it's invisible in renders, but later you talk about switching from texture shaded mode to Iray. These are not the same concepts; Iray preview mode is not a render. dForce hair by default isn't visible in Iray preview mode in order not to overwhelm your system. Do a full render and see if it still doesn't show up.

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    Oh cool, I didn't know that lol. I thought Iray preview mode was...a preview of the render lol. I will try rendering it, thanks!

    P.S. I'm having trouble with these forum controls too. It's labeling my words as Gordig's quote, but this is JCarver speaking. I hate technology! DX

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    Exactly what you get in Iray preview drawstyle is dependent on the Draw Settings pane (and/or singleton nodes in the current Public Build), and for strand-based/dForce hair you also need to check the Preview hairs and tessellation values for the hair itself.

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    There is a preview renders preset you should apply, point 5 on my checklist Tips/notes also available here: Hope that helps :)
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    Wow, guys, thank you so much (and thank for fixing my quote problem, Richard lol!). Yes it really did render properly when I tested it. To be honest, that was as far as I was ever able to get with dforce hair--it was the first to work for me and not crash my computer during simulation. So I was in new territory LOL. Thanks, AprilYSH, I will definitely read that. I'm so glad there wasn't anything acutally wrong. Whew!

  • In case anyone else is having this issue, in the materials for Ezra hair, there's a render preview option and hairs preview option along with the colors, etc. The render preview selection makes the hair visible in both Texture Shaded and NVIDIA viewport settings.
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