"No node" error on importing environments

Has anyone else experieced the error "No node - import failed" when importing environments to Unreal using the bridge? Previously, they worked fine, but the error started recently. The error appears to be on the Daz end, as a manual imort gives me te same error, but manually exporting, and importing (the old fashioned way) doesn't throw up the error.

(Characters import fine, I've not tried individual props).

I'm running the latest releases of everything, and this is on a fresh install.


Thanks in advance


  • Hi Senor_Monkey

    Yes, I've had that issue, I believe it is because there's not an actual object that all the parts of the environment are parented to.  What I've done is to place an actual object (like a primitive, a cube for example), make it really small, then move all the objects under it, then export it using the plugin, so far it has worked...

  • Coo, thank you! I'll try that :)

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