47th Bryce Contest Poll

THEME : *****   *MAY FLOWERS*   *****

(but its july patrick)


DEADLINE :  ( 7/21/2021 )
https://s.surveyplanet.com/9nkPBMccs )

Prizes :

DAZ 3D Sponsorship, in the form of Store credit
Ist Place $30
2nd Place $20
3rd place $15
$10 for up to 3 Honorable Mentions





               1                                                       2                                                  3                                                       4
danwhiteside-meditation-garden       Dan-Whiteside-Alien-Marsh    drachenlords-Between-the-flowers       sray-feeding-time

   Meditation Garden                              Alien Marsh                                 Between the flowers                               Feeding Time



                 5                                                      6                                                      7                                                   8

hansmar-abstract-flowers    drachenlords-Mayflower-before-sailing     Electro-Elvis-Poppy-Meadow     horo-Flower-Spot

             abstract flowers.                    Mayflower before sailing                     Poppy Meadow                        Flower Spot


                        9                                                      10                                                11                                               12

horo-Drawn-Flowers      S-ray-Blue-Roses   adbc-The-Rose  Drachenlords-wave-of-life

 Drawn Flowers                                         Blue Roses                                 The Rose.                                    Wave of Life




                       13                                                 14                                                   15                                                    16

Mermaid-reaching-for-the-stars   papatulus-Resilience   spuddy-laying-in-the-long-grass   spuddy-flower-worlds

    Reaching for the Stars                             Resilience                                 laying in the long grass                       Flower worlds




                  17                                                       18                                                19                                                20

Adbc-untilted   yellow-pen-the-little-green-alien   yellow-pen-sunny-morning  Yellow-pen-Magic-Roses

     Fantasy flowers                            the little green Alien                           Sunny morning                                Magic Roses




                    21                                                     22                                                    23                                              24

hansmar-papa-look  spuddy-Under-the-bough  hansmar-Spring-love  marconmalovi-untilted

          Papa, look                                   Under the bough                             Spring love                                     No title



                     25                                                    26                                                  27                                              

adbc-flowers-and-grasses  Dan-Whiteside-The-Three-Sisters  horo-bugs-in-flowers

       flowers and grasses                    The Three Sisters                            Bugs in Flowers



  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,818

    Voted. Thank you Apoc and Chohole for making this challenge possible and thanks to all participants that made it so difficult to decide for which four I should vote.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 2,285


  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,526

    I voted (tricky job too, I liked so many of the entries). Good luck to all entrants and thanks for the enjoyment you brought.

  • Yellow PenYellow Pen Posts: 739

    Voted too... it was hard as ever.

    Good luck to all and thanks to Apoc and Chohole.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,955
    edited July 2021

    I just read the very sad news about Chohole and don't have the heart now to vote. sad

    She was the heart and soul of the Bryce Forum, We will really, really miss her.

    May her soul rest in peace

    Post edited by mermaid010 on
  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,404

    Devastated to read the news of Chohole's passing. The Bryce forum and the DAZ community will miss her.

    Should we continue the voting in this sad time, or pass on this one and take the time to remember?

  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,818

    I think we ought to continue the voting. For me this is a way to honour Chohole's work and dedication to set up this challenge - and to remember everything she has done for our community.

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    Always liked how creativly Chohole worded out contest themes descriptions each time :(

  • So sad, but I agree with Horo. I am going to vote, but maybe not today.

  • ApocApoc Posts: 347

    I have spoken with another mod, and we have came to the conclusion that to honor chohole, we should continue the contest in her honor.  If you guys woukd let me, I am willing to  also continue hosting the contests on her behalf

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,955

    Of course, Horo is right we should continue the voting

    Apoc - it will be great if you continued with Challenges, to keep Pam's memories and her love for Bryce alive.



  • drachenlordsdrachenlords Posts: 767

    Okay, yesterday I was a little too shocked to vote.

    But Horo is right.

    Pam loved Bryce as we still love it and it would be fantastic if we could honor her in this way by continuing the contest with the help of Apoc. 


    So: Voted!

  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,818

    Apoc - I would greatly appreciate if you would continue to host the contest. If I remember correctly, you came to her help for the voting after she had lost two of her dearest relatives in very short succession.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 2,285

    I agree with everyone else, the voting and contest should continue to honour Chohole. 

  • Bunyip02Bunyip02 Posts: 5,923

    Voted - very nice work !!!

  • 3drendero3drendero Posts: 1,943
    Voted, great renders.
  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 13,282

    Voted - Beautiful renders.  I was devastated by the news but I am glad you have chosen to keep the Bryce challenge enduring.  I think Pam would want want that very much.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,404

    I was a bit too sad at first, but agree that we should continue, to honour Chohole. So, I voted too.

    It would be great if Apoc could continue the contest, if possible.

  • HeadwaxHeadwax Posts: 9,606

    wow, what an amazing bunch of artists you have here at Bryce, voted, it was hard to pick - all beautiful work. Pam would be proud.


  • papayapapaya Posts: 27

    I put in my vote. I may not have been around on this forum for long but I do think it's a good idea to keep these going in honour of Chohole. I'd checked out a few previous contests when I first got the software and it's a great community thing. good luck to everyone

  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 1,499

    ~  .Voted. ~

  • spuddyspuddy Posts: 405


  • Voted.

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    Voted, but it doesn't remember that i already vote?..

  • ApocApoc Posts: 347

    Hello everyone. Here are the results for the 47th contest.


    1st place( 23 votes ) = Spuddy  - Under the bough

    2nd Place( 13 votes ) = Danwhiteside - Alien marsh


    3rd place( 12votes ) = drachenlords -  Wave of life 



    Honorable mentions


    Mermaid010 - Reaching for the Stars

    Adbc - The Rose

    Horo - Flower Spot




  • ApocApoc Posts: 347

    I would also like to ask you all something. For the next contest we do, I would like to honor her memories with a theme that she would enjoy. I have an idea myself, but I want to talk it over with you guys first, to better understand what theme would be most appropriate for this time.

    My only idea so far (from the help of another mod) is landscapes. Would you all like to input anything as well?

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,404

    Apoc, thanks for arranging. I remember that Pam always liked things that were 'out of the box'. Maybe that could be a theme?

    All winners and participants, congrats on another great contest; wonderful entries and well-deserved winners.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,818

    Apoc - thank you for all the work. I think landscapes would be fine (that's what I almost always do ...).
    Congratulation to all the winners, thanks to all participants and voters.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 2,285

    Apoc : thank you. Congratulation to all winners and participants, thanks for the votes.

    Landscapes seems a great theme.

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    Congratulations to winners AND participants. 


    Apoc, thank you much.

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