How do I send clothes to UE5 to use the cloth simulation?

I'm trying to get clothing sent from DS to UE5 so that I can have the clothes simulate durring character movement (I have the unofficaial bridge for DS to UE5 and so far it's working great)

but I can't seen to figure out how to get the clothes to be accepted as an asset to paint the cloth material on. I've tried sending them over as static meshes as well as skeletal meshes.

The skeletal mesh has the paint option but it just opens a new window where it wants me to select an asset and when I choose the clothing it doesn't do anything. I've also not been able to find any tutorials for UE5 and it's cloth simulation.

Can anyone help me? (Very new to UE in general)


  • kaotkblisskaotkbliss Posts: 2,898

    Ok, I think I got it.

    First thing to note is that each material zone can set to act like cloth or not. This means that even if a model is all one piece, UE5 will treat each cloth section as differnt objects. Also, these objects are not attached to anything and will fall away unless you leave an edge unpainted.

    Once material zones are reassigned (if wanted) convert the figure to prop

    Send to UE5 or export FBX and select the skeletal mesh option (even though it has no bones)

    import it to UE5

    Open the asset and open the cloth window (Window -> Clothing

    Left click on the surface you want to make cloth (it should highlight the entire material zone)

    Right click and select the Create clothing section from selected -> create

    Right click again and select Apply clothing data -> [the clothing surface that was created in the previous step] (Usually the object name_Clothing_incremental number starting at 0

    Now you can click on the activate cloth paint above the viewport

    In the cloth window, select the surface you applied the clothing data to (object_Clothing_0)

    Now paint the areas of that surface you want to act like cloth, remembering to leave edges that should be attached to something unpainted so they don't move.


    Next I need to see if there's some kind of settings for different cloth type

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