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I just copied my Bryce folder to my external hard drive and found that a lot of my missing first imges are on the hard drive already.  I didn't save the br5 files unfortunately.  My very oldest picture is from a free copy of Bryce 4 or 5 (unpurchased?).  What is your oldest Bryce work?  Please post it here.


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    Doesn't have to be the very first picture, just one from long ago.

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    I started 3D-ing with TerraGen, then I purchased Bryce 5 from Corel. I setup a local website for my images to keep my "artwork" (and also photographs) with texts. Here is my very first Bryce entry with the original text.

    Very First

    0010: This is my very first try with Bryce 5. I put an isle in an infinite sea, added two standard trees from the library and made the sun visible and large. This is a soothing image indeed -- so much of it, that it is actually a complete Kitsch.

    This picture wins the "Save Bryce Petition Ultra-Mini Contest" from


    I signed the petition as 1919 person.

    Bryce5 was bought by DAZ3D on 23. June 2004 as Foleypro announced on 30. June 2004. Ian Deak commented on 7. July 2004, that the petition is not valid anymore.

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    NGartplay - very nice old picture, probably made with Bryce 4. Pity you don't have the sources anymore.

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    Horo, I'm impressed.  The landscape is very peaceful and pretty too.  You had talent for it back then.  The petition is excellent.  Wish that I'd known about it back then.

    I used some of Foley Pro's 2D trees in an image and he happened to see it.  He said that he was surprised that anyone still had and used them.  I was thrilled that he mentioned it as I was just starting out.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm cracking myself up.  I did a story with a boolean mouse that I created, called Tipper.  Completely forgot that I used booleans.  I don't remember the storyline but Tipper did want to see the world.  Very crude images but I had fun.


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    Wow a beautiful selection of images NGartplay, I need to check my Pinterest account if I have any old ones. I started with Bryce 5.5 it was free at that time but only used it for a few months, got frustrated and gave it up. I was still on Daz newsletter listing when 7.1 pro was free so I tried with David and Horo's tutorials, it's been fun, fun and  more fun all these years. A big thanks to both of them.

    Horo a very peaceful render, I agree you had talent back then. ☺️ I also have a short comment with my images on my Pinterest Board especially links to David or your videos and products used, or tutorials by someone else and links to them.

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    mermaid, would love to see images if you can find them.

  • NGartplay: beautiful,  your "old" Pictures....  and a nice Idee with the first images. I think I have some old Pics too... I`m looking into my old folders and I´ll post them here too.

    Horo: a wonderful Picture with a beautiful Atmosphere.

  • so this both are from 2008 or 9. at the science fiction pic take a look at the Fire... there`s a face in it. This is not made, don`t know where it came from, I saw it first when some People told me that`s there.

    The second: This is made in Bryce, except for the little Castle, the Figures and the Tree.... but the clothing is also made in Bryce. I loved it to see whats possible in Bryce, and I tested it out... its amazing what bryce can.

    red Planet.jpg
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    Feenreich 4.jpg
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    NGartplay : Awesome selection of renders.

    Horo : beautiful landscape.

    Yellow Pen : Two beautiful images as well.

    I really enjoyed looking at all that fantastic artwork.

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    Yellow Pen two beautiful oldies, I like how you made the clothes in Bryce.

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    Bad day for me, I inadvertently put these comments in the "Show Us Your Bryce Renders" thread.

    NGartplay - thank you. I also used Brian Foley's 2D trees for a far backgrounds. They are still in the Bryce 7.1 objects library.
    6 very nice renders. You managed to create quite good boolean models.

    mermaid - thank you.

    Yellow Pen - thank you. Two very nice oldies from you. I like the sci-fi very much. You show an amazing skill to create clothes.

    adbc - thank you.

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    Yellow Pen, thank you for sharing.  I like the biosphere tree in the sci-fi and the bridge that you built.  It took a moment to see the bust in the fire but it is there.  A surprise Easter Egg.

    There's something very charming about the second image.  It's adorable.  I like that she's smiling and holding the sword and the crystal tree.  The image tells a story.

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  • thank you all for your nice comments...

    for the Clothes of the Lady I found an old tutorial... that was not my Idea to create this. But, the clothes for the King I made by myself, without any help.

    When I began with Bryce, I love the many things I can built with it... Furniture, Bathrooms, Castles, bikes  and so on... that`s the best Program for my creative Ideas i had (and have). 

    NGartplay: I love it when a picture can tell a Story, or let the People think of a story it may tell....

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    Lovely to see those old picture.

    Very nice boolean mouse, NGartplay.

    I boolean modelled the glass and toothbrushes. Picture from 2010, one of my oldest.

    And this detail of a boolean modelled shower tap too.

    And another oldy: human bridge (which I improved upon in the 'you can do better' thread.

    Brushes and glass1.jpg
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    Human bridge3.jpg
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    Hansmar, impressive modeling work on the glass and toothbrush scene.  Great looking image for a first try or even a 50th try.  wonderful.

    second one is simply pretty.  I love the shiny that Bryce does.  The third looks like an image that I did long ago too.  Great minds think alike :)

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    Hansmar - great oldies, glass and toothbrush are very well done boolean models. The human bridge is a cool idea and very nicely done.

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    Superb renders, beautiful models, the showe tap looks like a photo. The first two have awesome light and reflections

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    Hansmar : beautiful renders, great boolean modeling. The human bridge is a great idea and very well done.

  • Hansmar: beautiful Renders, yes, very well done.

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    Wow , This takes me back.  I bought 4 3D programs in 2 months.  The  first 3D program was Amorphium ( Put out by Play).  Then Bryce 4, Poser 4 & Ray Dreams Studio all put out by Metacreation.  When  Metacreations broke up RDS became  Carrara .  Back then most Brycer "I knew" used Bryce Talk & Hung-out at the Bryce Forum @ Delphi.  (this link may take you to a log-in page, not sure)  Back then most put their Art Work in various Digital Art Galleries hoping to win an Award. So this Thread inspired me to dig out the old CD of my first website ( thanks NGartplay) Most images have models I made in Amorphium & RDS & some in Bryce4 & Bryce 5.. Most all the plants (before B5 ) we're downloaded. Most we're Award Winners.

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    S Ray - you started early and obviously already as a great artist. Impressing!

  • NGartplayNGartplay Posts: 2,772

    Excellent collection of early works and lots of awards.  So nice to see how you started and evolved.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,051

    S Ray : facinating collection.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,740

    Burpee, Horo, mermaid, Yellow Pen, adbc: Thanks.

    S Ray, what a magnificent series. You already started out very well, back then!

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    Wow SRay an awesome collection superb renders
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    Wow... this thread just gave me a severe Bryce-flashback!  Many thanks to all of you! :)

    Some impresssive works from then!!

    I myself started with Bryce2 around end of 1997. With only few very simple landscapes and also the typical obligatory scenes like "SSOWrC" (shiny sphere over water resp. chessboard) and even ehm... uhm.... well, I have to admit even doing some "DUW" (dolphins under water) scenes. --- I still have all those old workfiles and the corresponding lowres renders. To render highres (in amazing 800x600) was sloooooooow and painful. Using atmosphere effects, glass or (gasp!) volumetric lights/mats were beyond my patience and my available CPU power then.

    Few years later, I put my focus on abstract images and (presumed funny) Woody scenes, which were easier to set up and much faster to render. My big boost came only with Bryce4 and meeting online with other Brycers at R'osity and 3DCommune.

    Disclaimer #1: I won't post my oldest images here, because I had signed a NDA contract with myself then!  ;P
    Disclaimer #2: I am not addicted to Bryce! No way!! Nah, nope, nada, zilch!!! ;)


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    Hubert, lol.  Thanks for the laughs.  Bryce  Was that in the development stage?  I feel sad that Bryce wasn't kept up to date.  I think that Daz3D replaced it with Carrara, which I never got into.  To make money with Bryce you'd have to bring out new versions every year or sell product that works in it.  I'm surprised that no one ever made a 2D image pack for the terrain editor.  Or...maybe I just missed it.

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    Iirc, Bryce had started as a mere Mac software. The first available release for Windows was Bryce2. --- I have also Carrara, which was sorta the newer version of the then discontinued "Ray Dream Studio" (RDS). But Carrara wasn't fully compatible to my existing RDS files. Since I am not a dedicated modeler, I discontinued using both these softwares.

    FYI: End of the 90s, I was working in tech support for a major German software reseller. There, I (responsible to handle scientific and mathematical programs) got access to a lot of different applications that my colleagues supported. There, I got a *Bryce2* as a Christmas gift. I was very very very happy... until I noticed at home that that package contained a Mac-only version, which was totally useless for me. Yeah ... 'twas the time to curse on Christmas!! Luckily, I could swap that package for a Windows version. Later on, I got a Bryce3D and Bryce4 there. I have each newer Bryce version from 5 to 7 too, yet I still prefer to work in Bryce4 for various reasons.

    The rest of my (in)famous Brycing is history.... and not always narrated hysterically correct. ;)


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    I feel cheated that I never got to use Bryce 4 except for that first few images with Meta all over them :)

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